Individuals & Couples Counseling

Individual and Couple Counseling

Trusted Professionals Who Will Listen

Professional licensed clinicians provide individuals and couples with short-term therapy to clarify concerns, work toward a resolution, and facilitate improved functioning within areas of identified concern. Sessions last 45 minutes and are scheduled with an assigned staff clinician. Counseling and psychotherapy are also provided by pre-licensed/postdoctoral psychologists and advanced, unlicensed psychological services interns, under close supervision by our licensed staff.

In addition to counseling and psychotherapy, a clinician may determine that medication is beneficial. If a counselor determines that more extensive treatment is required, a referral for additional services outside of Counseling and Psychological Services may be provided.  Students are referred to appropriate providers based on need.

Short-Term Philosophy, Long-Term Solutions

Short-term Individual and couples therapy is provided, with up to eight sessions during an academic year. There is no limit to the amount of group therapy sessions you may receive during any academic year.

At the conclusion of your therapy sessions, you and your clinician may agree that continued, longer-term therapy or other assistance is beneficial.  In these cases, the clinician will work with you to find appropriate referrals on campus or in the community.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy begins with an initial intake appointment at Counseling and Psychological Services, when recommendations for treatment in the counseling center or referrals will be made. If it is determined that your needs are best served by individual treatment, you will be assigned to a clinician who may or may not be the same person you saw for your initial intake appointment.

In most instances, you and your clinician will meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Your clinician will work with you to resolve the issues that brought you to therapy.  You will be given an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of yourself, your current life situation, and develop insights and skills to help you in the future.

Couples Therapy

Sometimes a UCR student has an issue that involves their relationship with a spouse or partner. In these situations, you and your partner will be seen in a joint therapy session. As with individual therapy, there is a limit of up to 8 sessions during the academic year. Your clinician will work with you to determine if Counseling and Psychological Services can meet your needs with couples therapy, or whether you would be better served by a referral to off-campus resources.

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