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College can be tough. You're probably embarking on a university experience for the first time in a new place. You might be living on your own with new friends and roommates from different backgrounds. In addition to grades, homework and exams, you're probably dealing with risks and challenges outside of the classroom: Things such as dating, becoming more assertive and maybe even surviving sexual assault.

Luckily, Counseling and Psychological Services has assembled a list of popular topics with practical information. Click on any of the links below.

And remember, if you ever want to talk with someone in-person, please don't hesitate to visit Counseling and Psychological Services, inside the Veitch Student Center or call (951) 827-5531.

Recovering From a Break-Up
Recovering From a Break-Up

Break-ups can be incredibly painful and isolating. After a break-up, the one person you are used to relying on is the one person you no longer can.

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Worried About a Friend
Worried About a Friend?

There are several UCR resources to help a friend or loved one who is thinking about taking his or her life. Know the symptoms and how to respond someone who is suicidal.

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Surviving Sexual Assault
Surviving a Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can range from sexual battery, to threat of sexual assault, to rape. This article is intended as an informational guide for both survivors, as well as allies of survivor.

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Transitioning to College
Making the Transition to College

So much of college learning takes place outside of the classroom. Find out what happens when the old rules don't have to apply.

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Becoming More Assertive
Becoming More Assertive

Do people overlook or take advantage of you? Being assertive can be developed by anyone at any point in life.

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Getting Help in an Emergency
Get Help in an Emergency

Counseling and Psychological Services has assembled several UCR and off-campus resources to help you.

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